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our mission Statement

She Exist's mission is to empower, ignite, celebrate and inspire women from all nationalities, ethnicity, religions and racial make ups.  To live not solely in the matters and efforts of our own lives but also for the general and over all welfare of women all  around the world.

About Us

If you are wondering how She Exists became a reality, it came from the inner core of my rejections that  I have dealt with through my upbringing. Yes! I am speaking about me! We all fall short in life, sometimes feeling as if our world falling apart inside, but we disguise it entirely on the outside as a perfect world. Through the years, I have deprived myself  of life by investing in my expertise within so many people that I forgot the real reason behind the push to be successful. Here is the reason why I did it!

First, I knew I was a successful Marketer and Office manager guru when I put my Plan of action together  to develop my first office production to expand its territory. Earlier in my career, my office was going through so much confusion at that time that I knew something grand was about to happen. As the know Rapper” Drake”-- would say” God’s Plan”. I could do  this on my own, cause someone watching over me. In doing so, I have learned that people will follow what you do and not what you say. It like a divine entity, you pray about, then BAM everything falls into place. I pride myself on leadership at whatever I  do in life especially in business. When people see the best you all the time, they want to be apart of a winning program.

Also, being an influential leader in your community is a significant part of being a leader. SHE EXIST  not only known for increasing motivation, production, and lifestyle. It’s also known for recognizing individuals who are putting in significant work in their communities and making a difference.  Leaders have to enlighten those around them to help them see  the vision that God has for them. It’s not about you being great; it’s about making everyone else around you great to have a reliable team. Yes, in life, we realize that sometimes this is not an easy task. What the world has presented to many, the world has  taken on its adaptations, putting certain limitations in place. Some adjustments are useful, which benefits many; others use it to get by in this life. In our society, we must beware and always on guard about our business decisions because of the manifestation  of the world. Hopefully, one day, this will all change where we could go back to trusting one another and truly offering sound advice to anyone looking for a new start in business or looking for long term growth. This is SHE EXIST!

about the ceo

Janelle is Founder, and C.E.O of “SHE EXIST”, a stellar mental health corporation which motivates women to take control of their life and business to the next level. She has built many based on her upbringing from her grandparents who demonstrated love and compassion for their community, neighbors, as well as, church members. Through the years, she has made an impact in her community by opening her home as a shelter to trouble women who either was less fortunate or just broken. While in her care, she used her God-given talent to motivate and instill survival skills in many women while they were in the shelter and receiving care. She knows, she has a very huge heart for helping women and their family who are broken and in need of a cheerleader in their corner. Her motivational talks have inspired women so much, that it led her to pursue and be a successful Life Coach and a Minister at Jone Miracle Temple located in Durham, North Carolina. In her quest to continue my mission, she has followed her vision for SHE EXIST”  which was downloaded from God to help women in distress; to stay the course and keep God’s plan (Jerimiah 29:11), For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. This is a beautiful promise from God which gives us assurance for the future. Whatever may be your circumstances today, God’s people can trust him to change their tomorrow.  Having the vision to incorporate, “SHE EXIST”, has open many avenues for her to help many women to increase their self-esteem and become successful. In the process, she has written many books on how to be successful in business and becoming one with the Lord. One book which inspires and motivate all her clients is “Diamonds in the Rough”, a must read if you looking to be pushed to the next level in your walk with God. Also, being a motivational speaker has led her to capture my powerful speeches to transform them into her CD series. Just a few nuggets from my collection Hidden Jealously, Don’t Let the Enemy Sit at your Table, Investing in Someone Else Territories, and Are you level Headed through the Strom. Just a few. Not only she is a guru in management and marketing but led by the Holy Spirit to led God’s People to success. This is Janelle Seifort, Founder and Creator of “SHE EXIST.”

Janelle Seifort is a professional marketing and management guru with vast experience in turning small businesses into multi-level Fortune 500 businesses.  Over the last 15 years, my office has grown from a small part-time office to a multi-doctor practice. This growth is, in no small part, the results of dedication and tireless work.  Over this growth, she has demonstrated excellent organizational and interpersonal skills to develop office staff, as well as improve infrastructure within a business. Knowing that she once started small with her office, and she took her small business office to over 5,000 per week. Now, this is something that every business should want to learn how to increase their profits. You see, she believes in progress! “If you can see it, believe it, then make it happen!” Being in the marketing and management field successfully for 15 years demonstrate the dedication and passion for this industry. Knowing what it takes when production is slow, makes her among the elite when it comes to success. She has helped a plethora of doctors, lawyers, and certified nurses over the years to find successful jobs in the medical industry. It’s no stranger to her being accustomed to research and development for the best solutions when it comes to helping professionals find their niche.   She also has built several success modules over the years into multi-level money making businesses repeatedly. These modules increased business products, as well as, incorporating management strategies to have productive office staff which is also my specialty. Having a plan of action, drive and education to rise above the competition make all the difference. She has that passion to help businesses, as well as people, to help catapult their belief system into something great. I am Janelle Seifort!

“Being dedicated to the highest level of Godly service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, peace, motivation and respect within human life” 



Community Feedback


Over the last 15 years our office has grown from a small part-time office to a multi-doctor practice. This growth is, in no small part, the result of Jenelle’s dedication and tireless work. Over this growth period she has demonstrated excellent organizational and interpersonal skills to develop the staff and infrastructure. She has served as the primary office manager during this period. She has overseen a tripling of our staff numbers. She has overseen the migration of the practice during three practice management system transitions and two health record system transitions. She has been involved in the hiring and termination of employees. Despite the many challenges she has faces she has maintained a positive attitude and dedication to the growth of the practice.

T. Mark Johnson MD FRCSC

Retina Group of Washington


There are not enough words to fully highlight the type of well-rounded and reliable individual

that describes Jenelle Harris. She always maintained a professional demeanor, and provided her other co-workers, staff, and patients with an extra touch of compassion and care. Although having the proper intellectual background is vastly important to achieve success, being a compassionate, caring individual is a crucial aspect of those who manage others and interact with patients on a daily basis. The latter qualities mentioned cannot be taught, and with Jenelle, they seem to come naturally. Jenelle devoted the proper time needed with patients in our practice, and adequately managed each person with proper attentiveness and care. She is a true rarity who patients and staff gravitated towards with any issues, concerns, or questions. Her upbeat, positive personality can help cultivate a successful team and working environment. Jenelle can be relied on to successfully and efficiently deal with any tasks, conflicts, or concerns that may present itself. Physicians have been fortunate to rely on Jenelle for a vast majority of critical tasks. What is even more admirable, is that whatever task Jenelle was given, it would be completed efficiently and correctly, without needing follow up. Another redeeming quality is that Jenelle is not afraid to ask for help and you can trust her to go above and beyond to complete high

quality work.

Aimee Grimm, OD

Making it happen

Janelle was a problem solver. From the first day that I worked with her and

got to know her she asked me, as one of the doctors in the practice, what she could do to help my portion of the practice to grow. My response was simple bring me more patients. This proved to be a simple task for Janelle. Even though she just moved to the community my schedule almost doubled overnight. We both had the same theory, if someone called and wanted to come in today, we would make it happen. Janelle took the time to ask every doctor she worked with what their needs and wants were for their portion of the practice. Janelle never saw a problem that was too big to solve and made sure she did all she could to make things happen.

Mitchell R. Petit, O.D.

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